Support Groups

Support Groups Having a good support network plays a big role in your weight loss journey after bariatric surgery. A support group is made up of people who have gone through similar circumstances and can offer encouragement, advice and further understanding of the weight loss process.

Many people find organized support groups to be a beneficial addition to their support system after weight loss surgery, which can also include friends, family members and co-workers with whom you can openly discuss your weight loss efforts and health goals. While joining an organized support group is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged after weight loss surgery.

Support groups are often filled with members from different backgrounds and experience levels. While there may be others at similar stages to your own in their weight loss journeys, there will also be some who are farther along and others who are just starting out. This can give you added perspective as you overcome challenges during your weight loss program.

Support groups are so beneficial because they can help you:

  • Meet new people: Support groups introduce you to others with like-minded health goals, giving you the opportunity to make new friends.
  • Get advice: Support groups offer an avenue to obtain advice from those who have been through similar circumstances, and also provide an opportunity for you to share things you’ve learned.
  • Witness success: Support groups help you look past any obstacles you may be facing as you celebrate the successes of others.
  • Learn: Support groups provide an opportunity for health, nutrition and fitness education.
  • Make connections: Support groups can put you in touch with other networks, like workout groups that will help you push your fitness level as you are losing weight.

Statistically, those who participate in a weight loss support group following bariatric surgery are more successful in meeting their health and wellness goals than are those who attempt to do it on their own.

Dr. Taylor can provide you with information and other resources as you find a support group in your community.