Stop Overeating by Being Mindful

Restaurants are often guilty of serving high calorie dishes that are oversized. In fact, many restaurant dishes could be considered to be two full portions. While we are eating out however, many of us do not think about how many calories are on our plate, even if we realize we probably should. There is good news for those that enjoy dining out. A recent study indicates that being mindful of the food that you eat can help you to lose weight, even as you order from your favorite menu!

Your bariatric surgeon in Michigan can help provide you the tools to eat less, but it is up to you to make the proper dietary decisions when it is time to eat out. Instead of constantly thinking about the calorie numbers and what you can and cannot have, start thinking about nutritious foods as what your body wants the most, and be mindful of how you are treating yourself. You may find that even while eating out, you are more inclined to eat healthier meals simply by being more mindful!

A recent study found that women who were instructed by a nutritionist for two weeks on how to make proper food choices went on to continually lose weight. Oftentimes, we lose track of what we eat during our hectic days. Just being mindful about overeating and making the healthiest choices possible can go a long way.

Instead of thinking negatively about your weight loss and concentrating on what you cannot have, try being more positive and mindful about the food that you consume. By acknowledging what is best for you, it may become easier to start eating healthier and enjoying it more.


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  • Patty says:

    Its important to remember that “small bites” or “just a taste” all adds up at the end of the day. It is surprising how many calories you can consume just by taking a little bite of this or that.

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