Be Optimistic about Weight Loss Surgery

The Importance of Positivity after Visiting a Bariatric Surgeon After weight loss surgery you will have much to be positive about. With the help of your bariatric surgeon in Saginaw or Ypsilanti you’re starting to lose weight in a steady and healthy way. You’re beginning to adjust to the lifestyle habits that promote long-term weight maintenance. You’re making big strides toward a healthier body and a slimmer waistline, and all of these factors are certainly cause for optimism.

Recognizing these positive attributes of your weight loss program can make a huge difference in your attitude towards weight loss, and your attitude will have a strong influence on your weight loss progress. Though we often look at weight loss programs in terms of what they restrict us from eating or doing, thinking of weight loss surgery in this light can make the whole experience an uphill struggle. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, you should be focused on what you can do, what you will do and the countless ways that those actions will benefit your body and your life.

Your struggle against obesity may have left the glass half empty, but there are many ways to help yourself achieve the optimistic attitude that will help you tackle the obstacles of your weight loss journey. Many experts believe that we can train ourselves to see the bright side—no one is born a total pessimist or optimist and there are many ways to change the way you view the world. Research has even shown that positive thinking can improve your physical and mental health.

Ready to develop a winning attitude after weight loss surgery? Start by:

  • Letting go of envy. It’s only natural to compare yourself to others, but doing so is not always healthy. If you focus too much on what others have that you don’t, it becomes easy to lose sight of your own valuable qualities. Instead of tormenting yourself by wishing things were different, bolster your spirits by finding the good in your own situation.
  • Taking the wheel. We all tend to be most confident and optimistic when faced with a situation we are in control of. Fortunately, we almost always have control over our diet and exercise habits. Remember that you always have the ability to choose the healthy path your bariatric surgeon has laid out for you.
  • Making a list. It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving for you to think about what you’re thankful for. If you’re feeling negative, take time to write out a few things you’re grateful to have in your life. You can keep these lists handy as a valuable reminder.

A positive attitude can be one of your most valuable tools after weight loss surgery and we can all take steps to become more optimistic. If you’re feeling negative and hopeless, just remember that your bariatric surgeon will always be here to offer support if you need it.


2 Responses to “Be Optimistic about Weight Loss Surgery”
  • Jo Garske says:

    I had my surgery RNY on March 2012, I have had many ups and downs but am happy to say alot more ups then downs. This is the best thing that I have even done for myself and I am very thankful to Dr. Taylor for his support.

  • Jo Garske says:

    I am 5 years out and weigh in at 177#. Will take this 22# off. Lots of bike riding in Fl.

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