Putting an End to a Bad Day

After bariatric surgery in Michigan put bad days behind you It’s almost as if your bed is doing flips in the middle of the night.

You went to sleep happy as can be and started your day just like any other, but you woke up on the wrong side of the bed nevertheless. The coffee pot doesn’t work, your snooze button didn’t go off in time and your hot water apparently went on vacation. Or maybe absolutely nothing went wrong, but you’re still having an inexplicably sour day. Now the question is: where do you go from here?

After bariatric surgery you can’t afford to let a few unfortunate events turn into a negative spiral of moodiness and emotion. Once upon a time, a bad day might have been quenched with a pint of ice cream or a few drinks, but now that you have embarked on a healthier path these negative habits can interfere with your weight loss goals.

A bad morning doesn’t need to become a bad day, and a bad day doesn’t need to become a bad week. By letting negative events compile and only focusing on what has gone wrong you are giving into negativity. Once you recognize that you aren’t in the best of moods, put on your happy face and try bringing a halt to the downward spiral.

Here are a few ways that you can turn a bad day around:

  • Investigate the cause: Even when it seems like a bad mood came out of nowhere, more often than not there was a distinct event that prompted the negative emotions. You might have had an unpleasant phone call, or maybe you were reminded of a financial stressor when you checked your email. Figuring out what prompted your bad mood is the first place to start.
  • Be resourceful: So your coffee pot broke. Wherever you live in the United States there is bound to be a coffee shop on your way to work—and even if there isn’t try switching to water for the day instead. If you are in a bad mood because something went wrong in your regular routine, work around it.
  • Laugh: Even as everything falls apart, if you can laugh about it then it won’t seem that bad. Maybe your hot water heater did break and you were stuck with a cold shower this morning. Think about how funny you must have looked shivering away as you washed your hair, and laugh about it. After all, you’re able to warm up once you get dry!

There are plenty of ways to overcome a bad day before it overpowers you. The important thing to do is keep your head up and stay positive. After bariatric surgery in Michigan, if you are feeling stressed at work then head out and take a walk for a few minutes. Chances are you’ll be shocked by how much a little bit of physical activity can boost your mood!


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