The Weight Loss Surgery Experience

The Weight Loss Surgery Experience Dr. Taylor and the professional staff at Taylor Bariatric Institute want to ensure your weight loss surgery experience is as stress-free and pleasant as possible. In this section of the guide you will learn about numerous preparations you and your medical team will make the week before, the day before and the day of your weight loss surgery to guarantee your procedure goes as planned.

These instructions should serve as a guideline for surgical preparation, as Dr. Taylor will provide you with a more comprehensive list of pre-operative and post-operative instructions as your surgery date approaches.

General Instructions

There are several things you should do in the months before any major surgery to ensure the most positive outcome. In this section you will find several general pre-operative instructions to follow to make your surgical experience as safe and comfortable as possible.

The Week Before Weight Loss Surgery

Once you’ve reviewed the general pre-surgery instructions and any additional guidelines provided to you by Dr. Taylor, you will be ready to implement necessary steps in the final week of preparation for your surgery. Complete this short list of tasks in the week leading up to your weight loss surgery.

The Day Before Weight Loss Surgery

Here you will find a pre-operative schedule to use as a guideline when preparing the day before your surgery. Instructions for eating and showering in the morning, middle and end of the day are outlined for your convenience. Remember to notify Dr. Taylor if you become ill on this day prior to your surgery.

The Day of Your Surgery

Before you undergo weight loss surgery, there are several preparations you will need to make at home on the date of your surgery. Follow these instructions to arrive at the hospital ready for your procedure.

At the Hospital

Once you’ve arrived at the hospital, your surgical team will begin to prepare you for the operation. Here’s what to expect before, during and just after your weight loss surgery operation

Weight Loss Surgery Recovery

After weight loss surgery, your surgical care team will guide you through several steps to make your recovery as quick and comfortable as possible. Though you may initially experience some discomfort or disorientation, these symptoms are easily managed as you transition back to your normal daily routine.

Movement in the Days after Weight Loss Surgery

Your body will need some time to heal after undergoing weight loss surgery, making it important to avoid certain strenuous activities. Follow these guidelines to avoid injuring or exhausting yourself after surgery and stay on the path to a healthy recovery.

Managing Pain after Weight Loss Surgery

After weight loss surgery, you will likely experience minor to moderate discomfort, but implementing a pain management plan will make your recovery as comfortable as possible. You can accomplish this by communicating discomfort, following your surgeon’s guidelines for prescribed pain medication and utilizing alternative pain management strategies.

Going Home after Weight Loss Surgery

Once you’re able to return home, your health and the care of your surgical incision will fall to you. Follow these instructions to have a safe trip home and ensure a continued healthy recovery.