New Risk Calculator Assists Patients Considering Bariatric Surgery

There is an inherent risk in any type of surgery, but for those who are looking into the option of bariatric surgery, a new study has shed some light on the risk versus benefit. Released in a major medical journal, the bariatric surgery risk calculator has compiled data through the American College of Surgeon’s National Quality Improvement Program.

Those considering weight loss surgery as an option for overcoming morbid obesity and metabolic disorder factors such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure can inquire about the risk calculator online or through their physicians and surgeons. The study to develop the risk calculator compiled data from over 380 hospitals over a two year period. More than 11,000 patients who underwent weight loss surgery were followed.

The study addressed the benefits of bariatric surgery including success in treating diabetes and obesity related diseases including sleep apnea. The study also concluded that weight loss surgery may be under used due to the risk concerns of prospective patients and their doctors.

The risk calculator developed in this study sheds light on the success rates in bariatric surgery. It delivers information on what patients can expect following the surgery including the risk of complications following surgery including renal failure, lung failure as well as infections in and around the surgical site. The calculator is also a helpful tool in assisting the bariatric surgeons while choosing the procedure that would benefit the patient the best.

When considering weight loss surgery to help regain control of their lives as well as getting the upper hand on the health risks involved with morbid obesity, patients have enough to consider regarding the overwhelming change in their lives following the procedure. Additional worry about complications or choosing the right bariatric surgery procedure can be reduced or eliminated when patients and physicians take advantage of the risk calculator and the information it can provide.

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