The Day Before Weight Loss Surgery

The Day of Your Surgery Once you’ve followed the general pre-surgery instructions and completed the necessary steps in the final week of preparation, you will be ready to implement the following provisions on the day before your surgery.

The day before your adjustable gastric band, gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery, follow this schedule to ensure your procedure goes smoothly and safely. If you become sick the day before surgery, inform Dr. Taylor right away.

In the Morning

Shower with the antibacterial soap the pre-operative nurse at the hospital gave you when you pre-registered for surgery. Thoroughly wash your entire body before rinsing, including your navel. Please inform the office if you are allergic to the specific antibacterial soap given. You may use your own shampoo.

Starting two days prior to your operation, you will begin a clear liquid diet and continue throughout the day to prepare your digestive tract for surgery. This diet ensures your stomach and intestines are mostly empty while keeping you hydrated. A clear liquid constitutes anything you can see through and isn’t sugary, fatty or alcoholic:

  • Iced Tea
  • Broth or Bouillon
  • Sugar-free drinks
  • Soups (strained—no solids)
  • Gelatin (no added fruit)

You may also have protein drinks such as Nectar and Isopure if Dr. Taylor instructs you to, but make sure to consume only the recommended amount. Also, take any medication as directed by Dr. Taylor.

At Noon

Around noon the day prior to your weight loss operation you will be instructed to begin bowel prep. Dr. Taylor will provide you with Dulcolax, an oral medication that will help clear your bowel so you are ready for surgery.

In the Evening

Shower with provided anti-bacterial soap and remove any fingernail polish.

Pack a bag for your hospital stay with any personal items you may need such as a contact lens container, sleep apnea mask and any daily medications you take. Leave all jewelry, credit cards and other valuable items at home. Remember to pack comfortable clothes to wear after your procedure and bring all educational materials that Dr. Taylor gave you as these contain information and instructions concerning postoperative care.

After Midnight

Do not eat or drink anything, including mints or gum. Do not swallow any water while brushing your teeth and rinsing. The same goes for the following morning—brush and rinse without swallowing.

It’s normal to feel hungry in the morning when you check into the hospital. Though uncomfortable, this preparation is necessary for a safe and smooth procedure.

If you have any question regarding your surgery, call to speak with a nurse at any time.