Benefits of Weight Loss before Bariatric Surgery

If you are considering weight loss surgery in Saginaw, your doctor may advise you to lose some weight prior to the operation. Although this may not seem like it would be important given the fact that you will lose more weight after the surgery, recent research shows that losing weight before having weight loss surgery will lower your risk for complications after the surgery. Patients who gain weight before having laparoscopic weight loss surgery were more likely to have blood clots, infections or kidney problems after their surgery than those who lost weight before their operation.

Some doctors do not stress the importance of losing weight before having this type of surgery because they worry that if they require patients to lose weight before performing the surgery it might keep people who need the surgery from getting it. Many people that need weight loss surgery do not have an easy time losing weight, but losing some weight before surgery can help them since to do this they need to make some of the same changes that will be necessary after the surgery. The surgery alone will not solve your weight loss problems, you will still need to make dietary and exercise changes in order to lose weight even after the surgery. Weight loss surgery requires drastic changes in your eating and exercise habits.

Talk to your bariatric surgeon in Saginaw about the lifestyle changes that you should begin to make in order to lose weight. Being more active and following a healthy diet are important both before and after your weight loss operation.


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