Life after Weight Loss Surgery

The changes that come after weight loss surgery go beyond exercise and eating habits. After lap band surgery or other bariatric surgery you will likely find that many social aspects of your life change, as well. It’s best to be prepared, so these changes do not take you by surprise. Talk to your bariatric surgeon about finding a Detroit area weight loss surgery support group to help you handle this transition.

The lifestyle changes that you make after your operation will have an effect on your personal relationships with your spouse, children and friends. Make sure that your loved ones are aware of the ways that you will need to change how you eat to avoid stress at meal times. You may also find that you are far more confident after lap band surgery. This can affect the dynamic of important relationships. Make sure you keep communications open so that you and those you love are comfortable. Making friends and family members a part of your transformation can help. For instance, start cycling or rollerblading with your kids to make them part of your new fitness routine.

Practice how you will respond to questions and compliments. It can be disconcerting to face many of the questions that come after weight loss surgery. By practicing in advance, you will not be caught off guard. It can take some time to get used to the changes in your body. As you adjust, you will also be more comfortable discussing them with others.


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