Keep Up with Weight Loss

A short while after undergoing the gastric bypass procedure, many Flint patients see dramatic weight loss results. However, keeping up the weight loss momentum after bariatric surgery tends to get more and more difficult the further you get in the process. To avoid getting back into old habits, patients must take extra precautions to eat healthy and exercise regularly to keep this momentum steady. Although bariatric surgery helps reduce the physical problems of overeating, there are often psychological problems that should also be addressed in order to fight off the ever-present temptation to resort to unhealthy eating habits.

Aside from doing your best to stick to a steady diet and exercise routine, you should discuss your weight loss struggles with a Flint psychological professional or medical professional to find permanent solutions. Often, patients who struggle with overeating use the habit as a coping mechanism to handle the stress of everyday life. Fortunately, gastric bypass gives patients the opportunity to seek out healthier coping mechanisms to reach their weight loss goals and gain a fresh start at life.

Exercising in a community is one effective alternative method that can contribute to more successful weight loss after surgery. Choose to take group workout classes at a nearby Flint gym or fitness center to acquire the motivation you need to lose weight. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are working toward your same goal, you can become a part of a social network that can act as a support system during your weight loss struggles. Another good tip is to stay focused on your weight loss goals by removing yourself from tempting atmospheres. In a world where there’s a McDonald’s on every corner, this may seem impractical. However, you can start by keeping unhealthy foods out of the house, only attending restaurants with healthy meal choices on the menu, and changing your walking or driving route to avoid temptations.


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