Is Weight Loss Surgery Right for You?

Where diet and exercise fail, weight loss surgery can help you lose weight and restore your health.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Right for You-guide In this section of the Weight Loss Surgery Guide, you will learn about the realities of weight loss surgery and how your life will change as a result. In addition to reviewing the dietary and psychological changes needed for weight loss surgery, this section outlines the criteria that make you a qualified candidate for weight loss surgery. Having a better understanding of the life-changing effects of weight loss surgery will help you decide if you are ready to make the commitment required for successful weight loss after bariatric surgery.

Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is a serious health concern that cannot always be addressed with traditional methods of weight loss like diet and exercise. Weight loss surgery is a proven treatment option for obesity-related issues such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Commitment to Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery requires a lifelong commitment to health and wellness. After bariatric surgery, you will be required to make significant changes in many aspects of your life, including diet and exercise habits. Before you commit to bariatric surgery, make sure you understand the changes you will need to make to be successful.

Criteria for Weight Loss Surgery

To ensure your success with weight loss surgery you will need to meet the criteria that qualify you for surgery. These requirements are set to ensure that you will benefit the most by finding a weight loss method that is right for your individual weight loss needs.