Healthy Shopping after Weight Loss Surgery

Healthy Shopping after Weight Loss Surgery A few weeks after your weight loss surgery, you will finally be able to transition into a more normal diet. Even though your body’s hunger cues have changed dramatically, you may still be tempted to turn to comfort foods or junk foods at the grocery store. Despite the fact that you may feel that you are physically able to resist an unhealthy snack, by bringing those foods into your home you are making your mental battle with food cravings more intense.

After your bariatric surgery, plan a healthy strategy for food shopping. If you make healthier purchases you are making it easier to stick to your new diet and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Tips for Healthy Shopping after Weight Loss Surgery

  • Make a list. Write a specific list of what you need before you go grocery shopping and stick to it. Purchase only the healthy items that you planned ahead of time.
  • Avoid certain tempting aisles of the store. Most grocery stores keep their unprocessed foods like meats, produce and dairy on the outside perimeters of the store. The processed foods tend to be in the center aisles. If you avoid the urge to walk down every aisle, you are more likely to resist temptation and stick to your list.
  • Bring your own bags. This one may sound strange, but if you know you only need a few things and you bring a couple of your own reusable bags then you are less like to pick up unnecessary items. Also, it’s great for the environment.

Don’t Give In to Empty Calories

Your diet following your weight loss surgery will be different from anything you’ve experienced. It is important to remain dedicated to yourself and to your weight loss goals by following the weight loss plan that has been created by your weight loss surgeon or dietician. Healthy eating isn’t always easy, especially with new tasty products being marketed and sold constantly. But after your surgery, you need to realize just how far you’ve come. Bariatric surgery is a brave and effective choice for anyone struggling with obesity. Don’t let grocery store temptations throw you off track. Find a shopping plan that works best for you and stick to it. Your weight loss and wellness goals are attainable, but it’s up to you to keep progressing after your bariatric surgery.

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