The Changes of Weight Loss Surgery

The Changes of Weight Loss Surgery “The only thing constant in life is change.” — Heraclitus

Life is full of change. Every day you wake up in a world that is different from the world you lived in the day before. The air is different, the timing is different, and your own thoughts, goals and desires may even be a bit different.

All of these changes are never more evident than during the first year after getting weight loss surgery. Whether you opted for Lap Band surgery, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass, Michigan is going to be a different world following your weight loss procedure—and in many ways this is for the better.

Obesity affects many aspects of your life, whether you realize it or not. Being overweight impacts your health, your energy levels and eating habits. Obesity impacts your social life, your career mobility and your personal goals. It can even change the way you think about yourself.

Losing weight impacts these personal arenas just as fervently as being overweight does. After getting Lap Band or gastric bypass surgery, you aren’t able to eat the same way you once did. You need to control your calorie intake, place emphasis on the amount of protein you eat and be careful not to overdo it.

The changes you’ll experience after weight loss surgery extend far beyond dietary habits. Here are a few other changes you should expect to encounter during your first year after weight loss surgery:

  • You’ll become more active: As you start to lose weight, you might be surprised to realize how much you enjoy physical activity. Most people can find a physical hobby they look forward to, whether it is kayaking, dancing or hiking. Exercise should become a regular part of your lifestyle after weight loss surgery.
  • You’ll become more educated about nutrition: Before weight loss surgery you might not have known much about how protein affects your body, but a few months following your procedure you’ll know a whole lot about supplements, vitamin deficiencies and nutrient requirements. As your body changes you will learn what you need to know to become healthier, and you might be surprised by your breadth of knowledge.
  • Your relationships will change: As your habits change, so will your relationships. You might not be up for going out to eat with friends as often as you once were, you might find you have more energy to go outside with your children, or that you are more active and engaged with co-workers while at the office. If you are worried about a certain relationship changing after your operation, talk with that person and let them know your concerns.

These are just a few of the changes you are likely to experience during your first year after weight loss surgery, aside from the actual weight loss. As you are losing weight it might be helpful to develop a few healthy coping strategies to deal with changes as you encounter them. Journaling and exercise are both great ways to cope with stress from changes. Talk with your bariatric surgeon in Michigan about the changes you can expect after weight loss surgery.

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