Benefits of Pilates after Weight Loss Surgery

Benefits of Pilates after Weight Loss Surgery If you’ve watched any interviews with Hollywood celebrities lately and the interviewer has asked about how they keep their figure, then chances are you have heard about Pilates. Pilates is actually a group of exercises that were developed by a German boxer and circus performer named Joseph Pilates.

Pilates developed the exercises while he interned as an ‘enemy alien” in the UK during WWII. Because he had limited supplies available with which to work, he developed his workout routine based on floor exercises and some resistance work using mattress springs.  From these simple beginnings Pilates has been adapted over the years, adopting more modern equipment from resistance bands and inflatable balls to more complex Pilates machines.

Pilates is a great workout to develop core strength–hence the notably flat abdominals of its practitioners. With its adaption of Yoga elements, it is also a wonderful system for increasing flexibility. Because of the types of movements you practice in Pilates and the control you must learn to exert over your muscles, Pilates is also known to help you become more graceful. The floor exercises used in Pilates are known to lengthen your muscles and spine, giving you a longer and leaner look. Not meant so much as a cardiovascular workout, Pilates is more geared for strength training.

Pilates is well suited for people who are plus sized.  The exercises focusing on core strength and coordination help with joint pain caused by poor alignment and is excellent for people suffering back pain – a common ailment among large people.

As you lose weight after bariatric surgery, many opportunities for improving your fitness and strength will become available to you. Pilates offers a low impact option that will slowly help you develop your muscles as you shed fat.

If you are concerned about attending a group class, most studios offer private lessons to get you comfortable with the exercises.  Check out the Pilates studio during a class to get a feel for the atmosphere.  You should feel welcomed and accepted regardless of your size. Pilates is an excellent and enjoyable adjunct to you becoming more active and healthy.  Keep in mind though, it is not an exercise routine that will have you shedding pounds. It is, however, an excellent way to sculpt your body as you lose weight after your weight loss surgery.

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