4 Common Energy Drains to Avoid

Every once in a while it may begin to feel as if you are physically running on empty. Between work, family concerns and focusing on your health, a hefty to-do list can easily become overwhelming. And while you are proud of yourself for accomplishing so much as you work towards your weight loss goal after Lap Band in Saginaw, you still may feel discouraged. This negative surge of feelings could actually be due to a lack of mental energy.

To overcome the feeling of emotional depletion, try avoiding these common energy drains!

  1. Giving into other’s expectations. Don’t let your friends, family or even co-workers define your dreams for you. Do what you know is best for you, your friends and family will be happy when you are happy.
  2. Feelings of deprivation. After weight loss surgery it is important to concentrate on all of the positive experiences that you are undergoing, instead of thinking of the foods that you are no longer eating. By concentrating on what you cannot have it can be easy to fall into feelings of deprivation, which may be very discouraging.
  3. Constant Worry. When you are worrying about something external, you are attempting to deal with the thought emotionally but are getting caught in the suffering phase. Instead of letting your worry torment you, think of something positive to do and work on coping positively with what stresses you.
  4. Over commitment. Don’t stretch yourself too thin. If you know that you cannot manage to help your friend paint their house this weekend because you are already helping another friend with their yard work, explain the conflict and offer to make it up another time instead. If you overbook yourself, then you are going to run out of energy much quicker than need be.


4 Responses to “4 Common Energy Drains to Avoid”
  • Patty says:

    My motto is “keep negative individuals out of your life”. Life is too short to be drawn into others drama. We all have enough drama of our own, and to take on someone elses is a real drain on ourselves.

  • Jamokay Taylor, MD FACS says:

    I agree. Remaining positive is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally! I find that the patients who are most successful following bariatric surgery are usually those who stay focused on self improvement and progress in their lives.

  • Karla Stewart says:

    Dr. T…

    That is great advice…since I have had my surgery with you I have found it essentially important to maintain my focus on myself. To others that may seem selfish but it is only when I am focusing on making sure that I am healthy that I can then in turn be a helo to others in my life. 170lbs down from my start weight I am finding that it is essential to be a little “selfish”. I am now able to do MORE for friends and family because I set my boundaries very clearly for those around me!

  • Patty says:

    Karla-I do not think that’s selfish at all. I too have set very clear boundries and now take time to focus on the new me that I now love.

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