Limit your Menu to Lose Weight

Is menu diversity a recipe for weight gain? New research suggests that Ann Arbor gastric weight loss surgery patients may have more success losing weight by limiting their food choices. In fact, an over-abundance of food options may lead directly to overeating and weight gain.

While a little food diversity is important to ensuring that your body receives a variety of nutrients and vitamins, too much diversity can stimulate your brain to overeat. A recent study conducted by the University of Florida and the University of Buffalo found that meal monotony lead to decreased food consumption, while a varied diet lead to overeating.

The study measured the food consumption of both obese and non-obese women. One group received a daily macaroni-and-cheese meal every day for five weeks. The second group was only fed the macaroni-and-cheese meal once per week. In the first group, both obese and non-obese women decreased their food intake during the study, eating less and less mac-n-cheese with each passing day. The weekly group, however, continued to eat the same amount.

According to the study’s authors, the first group naturally ate less mac-n-cheese over time due to a psychological process known as habituation. Exposure to the same stimulus (in this case, the mac-n-cheese) led to a decreased psychological response. The food ceased to be a novelty, and the brain craved less and less of it.

Ann Arbor gastric weight loss surgery patients already know that eating healthy is essential to dropping the pounds. Following a gastric bypass procedure, your bariatric surgeon and nutritionist can help recommend nutrient-dense foods that are low in calories. Try limiting your menu options to just a few of these recommendations. Sure, a daily salad with grilled chicken might sound boring. But by “boring” your brain, you’ll be able to effectively manage food cravings.

You just may be able to bore your way to weight loss!


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