Increasing Physical Activity

Increasing Physical Activity Bariatric surgery is an effective treatment for weight loss, but long-term success requires lifestyle changes both before and after surgery. Increasing your levels of activity before surgery will help you adjust to the new lifestyle that weight loss surgery requires of you.

Before surgery, health conditions may make exercise difficult, so work with your surgeon to develop an appropriate exercise regimen. Ask your surgeon what methods of exercise will be appropriate for your level of physical fitness at each step of the weight loss surgery process.

It may take a few months to return to normal levels of pre-surgery activity after your weight loss procedure. Increasing fitness beforehand has been shown to reduce hospital stays and increase weight loss momentum.

Increase Incidental Activity

Introducing more activity to your everyday life means increasing the time you spend on your feet each day. Involve yourself in more activities around your home that require you to be active like yard work or walking the dog. View any chance to increase physical activity as an opportunity to become healthier. Walk and take the stairs whenever possible. This will help you prepare for the continuously active lifestyle that long-term success with bariatric surgery depends on.

Start Slowly

Start slowly and give your body time to adjust to increased activity. If you have been inactive for some time, begin with a low impact activity like walking to reduce your chances of injury. Track your progress and plan for a gradual increase in time and intensity to improve your fitness.

Set Realistic Goals

Document your physical activity each day in an exercise journal. Set easily attainable goals and check at the end of each week to see if you’ve reached them. Recording your success will motivate you to continue progressing.

Pay attention to how your body is responding to exercise and be sure to slow down or stop if something doesn’t feel right or becomes painful. Consult with your weight loss surgeon if you have any questions or concerns regarding your physical activity.