Tips for Working out after Lap Band Surgery

Recovering after surgery can be quite an ordeal. Following your Lap Band procedure, it is important to gradually become more active. Getting a gastric band in Michigan will help you to lose weight, and this initial weight loss is often able to spur further weight loss by allowing you to become more active. It is important that you take it easy during the first days and weeks after your Lap Band surgery. Once your body has recovered from the operation you can ramp up the intensity of your workouts as you deem fit.

Before starting an active exercise routine it is important that you consult your doctor. After he or she examines you, you can then have advice of what to do in terms of exercise and activity. There are no hard and fast rules of what can be clearly allowed or not, but your physician will be able to tell you the type of activity you can perform.

Here are a few types of activity to consider based on the level of physical fitness you are ready to engage in:

Very light activity – This means simple daily tasks such as chores (walking to mailbox, cooking, etc.), activities that require standing, or playing a musical instrument.

Light activity – This means light outdoor activity or work such as leisurely walking, carpentry and remodeling, housekeeping, golf, and bowling.

Moderate activity – This means you can do most outdoor activities and routine exercises, such as gardening, playing tennis, cycling, power walking, and construction.

High activity – This means you are cleared to do whatever your body can physically handle based on your perceptions. Organized sports such as basketball, soccer, running, and swimming are all beneficial forms of high-impact exercise.



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