Recipe Tips Following Gastric Bypass

If you have recently undergone bariatric surgery in Detroit, you’ll need to follow a special diet for months to come. With careful meal planning and by following some key guidelines, you can properly nourish yourself while losing weight and recovering from your surgery.


In order for your stomach to heal after your bariatric surgery in Detroit, your doctor will likely recommend that you consume only liquids the first few days. Some beneficial liquids include broth, milk, unsweetened juice, sugar-free gelatin and strained cream soup. All of these are easy to digest and contain vital nutrients and proteins. These liquids should be consumed slowly, with only 2 to 3 ounces being consumed every 30 minutes.

Your doctor will advise you to consume as little sugar as possible. This is because bariatric surgery patients are especially susceptible to dumping syndrome. This symptom is caused when patients take in a lot of sugar and fat. Dumping syndrome causes rapid heart rate, diarrhea, sweating, light-headedness and nausea. Throughout the following months of recovery, try to include less than 10 grams of sugar and fat in each meal.

Pureed Foods and Solid Foods

After consuming only liquids for the first several days after your gastric bypass surgery in Detroit, your doctor will determine if you can move on to pureed foods. Foods high in protein will help your stomach heal faster. High protein foods such as lean ground meat, beans, egg whites, fish, yogurt and cottage cheese can easily be pureed with broth, water, fat-free milk or fat-free gravy.

By week eight, you can move on to soft and some solid foods. Ground meat, fresh fruits and cooked vegetables are ideal foods during this stage of recovery. Foods that may be hard to digest, such as nuts, granola and popcorn should still be avoided.


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