Exercises for After Your Lap Band Surgery

As your doctor has probably already told you, you will need to set up a regular exercise regimen after your weight loss surgery. This does not have to wait until you are recovered, however. There are some exercises that you should begin doing while you are still in the hospital.

The first exercises include coughing and breathing exercises to keep your lungs clear of fluids. You may be given an incentive spirometer, which is a device that helps you improve your breathing. Lung clearing exercises should be done at least once and hour.

As soon as you are able to after Lap Band surgery, you should begin walking in the halls of the hospital. Start with laps up and down your hall, and build up to longer walks as you are stronger. Walking while you are in the hospital can help you to make a faster recovery, and will help reduce your risk of developing blood clots during healing.

Leg exercises can also help with recovery. One of the simplest leg exercises is toe points. Begin with your legs straight in front of you on the bed. Point your toes and hold this position for a few seconds. Then, flex your feet back so your toes move up toward your ankles. These exercises help prevent blood clots from forming, as well.

Once you are out of the hospital, you should increase your level of physical activity gradually. Start by walking for 15 minutes at a time, then build up to half an hour of physical activity a few times a week. Don’t worry about needing time to develop strength and stamina. There are classes throughout the Detroit area for people at all fitness levels.


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