Adjusting your Lap Band

If you are trying to lose weight with the help of a lap band in Michigan, you will have to return to the surgeon four to six week after the surgery to get your first Lap Band adjustment. Lap Band adjustments are an important aspect of the Lap Band system. They are what help you to continue losing weight and maintaining your weight loss long term. The Lap Band adjustment process is simple, and will be very beneficial to helping you lose weight.

Do not eat a big meal the previous night. Refrain from eating anything 6 hours before the procedure, as the stomach should be empty for the adjustment. Also, do not drink anything cold just before the procedure, as the cold can shrink the stomach temporarily.

Every lap band has an access port. The surgeon will inject saline solution into the access port to tighten the band. You will not experience any pain, as the surgeon will numb the area on your abdomen. However, once the numbness wears off, you may experience some discomfort, but not enough to hinder your mobility. Before you leave the facility, the doctor will ask you to drink a glass of water to check whether the adjustment is alright or too tight.

Once the adjustment of your lap band in Michigan is done, you will need to be careful about your diet for a few days. On the first day, immediately after the adjustment, you will have to live on liquids, such as fruit juices, clear soups, protein shakes, vegetables juices tea and coffee—much like you did during the days immediately following your surgery. One the second day however, you will be able to begin eating soft foods, such as yogurt, eggs, cooked cereal and cottage cheese. Usually, it is best to gradually return to a normal diet so that the adjustment has sufficient time to become effective.

After the first adjustment is done, the doctor will schedule other adjustments as he thinks is necessary. These periodic adjustments will allow you to maximize your weight loss goals.

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