Adapting to a Fit Way of Life

Adapting to a Fit Way of Life Weight loss surgery will help you make changes to your dietary habits, but to really push yourself towards your weight loss goals you’ll want to make changes in other areas of your life, too. For many people, exercising every day is a fairly large adjustment. It entails making changes to your schedule and finding new interests that will help you stay active

Even before a surgical date is set, you will be encouraged to become more active and to start thinking about fitness techniques that you can use to burn calories and build muscle. While pondering the difference between a walking workout and an aerobics class, take some time to consider personal strategies that will help you stick to whatever workout plans you make.

Adapting Your Schedule

Scheduling conflicts are cited as one of the most common reasons people skip out on workouts. As you focus on improving your health, make your fitness routine a set part of your schedule. Make time for it in between other obligations and commit to your workout plans just as you would to a meeting at work or plans with a friend.

When you are setting your schedule:

  • Be consistent with the timing of your workouts
  • Create a regular workout routine
  • Pre-determine the length of workouts
  • Set plans ahead of time to work out with a friend
  • Account for travel and prep-time when planning your workout schedule

Adapting your Attitude

The more you enjoy an activity the more likely you are to keep at it. This is why it helps to find an activity that you like. If you aren’t a fan of the gym, don’t bother getting a gym membership. Instead, you can walk outside or bike through your neighborhood.

Everyone has an type of exercise that is ideal for them. To make the most of the time you have to work out, spend it doing something you like. This could mean learning a new sport, taking a dance class or partnering up with a friend to go to the gym.

Try keeping a positive attitude by:

  • Focusing on aspects of your workout you enjoy
  • Thinking about how working out makes you feel
  • Surrounding yourself with positive motivational sources
  • Being patient with yourself

Try not to let negative self-talk interfere with your workout plans. When you talk down to yourself and say things like “I can’t” or “I won’t” then you start setting yourself up for failure. Stay positive in your attitude by keeping a positive mindset.

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