Medical Weight Loss in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor

Taylor Bariatric offers a variety of weight loss options for your specific needs. Medical weight loss helps you change your eating habits and provides top of the line medical assistance for quick, safe weight loss. We offer both 21 and 40 day medical weight loss programs, which include:

  • A custom program fitted to your weight loss needs
  • A highly structured low calorie diet
  • FDA approved weight loss medications
  • Weekly check-ins and dietary counseling with Dr. Taylor’s staff
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Access to exercise counseling

Our treatment is safe and effective for all body types.  If you are looking for effective weight loss with a personalized program, medical weight loss may be an appropriate choice for you.

Medical Weight Loss

If you are having difficulty with weight loss and stubborn excess fat you’re more than likely aware of the many weight loss options available. However, the problem isn’t with finding weight loss options; it is with finding the right weight loss option for your unique lifestyle. Medical weight loss is a safe and effective method that provides the assistance of a doctor for losing weight and reaching your wellness goals. If you have been struggling with obesity, are overweight or are trying to shed unwanted pounds, medical weight loss can encourage lasting results for your health goals.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

When bariatric surgery isn’t an option, medical weight loss can provide you with the assistance of a doctor to aid in efficient and effective weight loss results. During your medical weight loss program, Dr. Taylor will work with you to provide meal plans, exercise physiology, behavior modification and weight loss medications. Medical weight loss isn’t a one-size-fits-all diet; it is tailored to your individual weight loss needs.

Medical weight loss is a beneficial weight loss option because it also provides education to aid you with the long-term lifestyle changes that are necessary for optimal results. These changes may include diet and exercise, sleeping habits or smoking and drinking habits.

Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

  • Weight loss medication. Medical weight loss incorporates weight loss medications or certain appetite suppressants to your individualized program. This helps to curb hunger and keep you on track with your weight loss efforts.
  • You don’t have to stress over your diet. Since your weight loss doctor works with you to provide you with a structured program, you don’t have to worry yourself or stress about food. A medical weight loss program limits your caloric intake but provides medication and a structured meal plan to assist your weight loss.
  • Disease management. Being overweight, your risk of developing chronic disorders such as prediabetes, hypertension or heart disease is higher. By losing weight and making long-term changes, you can decrease your chances of developing a serious condition.
  • Individual treatment. Your weight loss program is designed specifically for you. Before you start any program, your lifestyle and health background is taken into account to determine the best option for you.
  • Lifestyle and behavior modification. Medical weight loss teaches you how to maintain your weight loss results. Help with behavior modification makes it easier to eliminate harmful habits and adopt positive, healthy ones.