Bariatric Surgery Benefits Older Adults

Bariatric Surgery Benefits Older Adults Most people in the Detroit area have found that losing weight gets more difficult as they get older, and having bariatric surgery is a great way to get rid of excess weight so they can be healthier and happier for the rest of their lives. Studies have shown that older people who undergo bariatric surgery in the Detroit area and around the U.S. don’t face risks that are significantly higher than younger people who undergo the same type of surgery. They also reduce their chances of facing a number of health conditions that can drastically shorten their life span.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Patients who undergo bariatric surgery dramatically reduce their risks for a variety of health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and sleep apnea. Older people tend to get depressed more easily than younger adults, and bariatric surgery improves the self-esteem of most patients and reduces their risk of depression. Obese patients who have undergone weight loss surgery generally sleep much more soundly than they did before their surgery and their risk of sleep apnea is greatly reduced.

Another benefit of obesity surgery is that patients who have undergone the surgery are usually able to enjoy many activities that were difficult for them while they were heavier, such as sports and exercise. These patients may rediscover sports that they thought they’d never be able to play again.

One of the benefits of weight loss surgery is the ability to travel. Older patients who are obese may not be able to leave the Detroit area before their weight loss surgery because driving or flying is very difficult for someone who is obese. It is much easier and more comfortable for these patients to travel and visit their families when they have lost 100 pounds or more after their surgery.

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