Get the Best of Stress after Bariatric Surgery

Get the Best of Stress after Gastric Bypass in Ypsilanti or Saginaw Though living a completely stress-free life is impossible, stress management should be a goal for all of us, especially after bariatric surgery. When stress gets to uncontrollable levels, it can make every healthy habit harder to maintain. You may engage in a bout of emotional eating to cope with your stress, or skip your workout to spend 30 overwhelmed minutes trying to unwind on the couch.

Stress can hit you anywhere at any time. From your new needs after sleeve gastrectomy, LAP-BAND or gastric bypass to rush hour traffic in Ypsilanti or Saginaw, stressors are things we deal with every day. Because busy days may leave you without the time for long-term stress-busting strategies like deep breathing exercises, it helps to know a few techniques that can reduce your stress levels almost instantaneously.

Any time you’re feeling stressed, help yourself calm down by:

  • Easing your mind with music. Even if you’re stuck stressing out at your desk, putting on your headphones can help you calm down quickly. The anxiety-alleviating qualities of music are well-studied, and though classical music’s calming effects have received the most attention, any relaxing song can do the trick. Try creating a chill-out playlist now that you can put on whenever things get too hectic.
  • Thinking of the glass half full. Positivity can be a long-term asset after bariatric surgery, but it can also help you make the best of a stressful situation. If you’re stressed out, dwelling on the negative will only make things harder to handle. Instead, try to find the good in your circumstances, and if that fails, simply think of something overwhelmingly positive. Conjure up the image of your child’s smiling face, your dog’s wagging tail, the vacation you’re planning or that party you’ll be attending this weekend. Remembering that you have many things to smile about can help you calm down and move forward.
  • Using your imagination. When you’re surrounded by a stressful situation try to find a more peaceful place within your mind. Take a moment to mentally separate yourself from the situation, engaging your creativity with a far more tranquil fantasy. Imagine yourself somewhere far away and doing something that calms you without fail, like relaxing by a roaring fire at home or spending a sunny afternoon on the beach. Your chosen visualization is entirely up to you, but do your best to imagine it in depth and detail—if you engage every sense, your fantasy can help you relax and center yourself, even if you only escape to it momentarily.

Because there are as many stress management techniques as there are stressors, these may not be the only tactics that help you after sleeve gastrectomy, LAP-BAND or gastric bypass in Ypsilanti or Saginaw. Share other stress management strategies that have helped you in the comments below!



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