Long-Term Success with Weight Loss

How do you achieve weight loss success?

Is it surgery, or a medical weight loss program, or is there some magic pill that only a few “lucky” people are aware of?
Weight loss is achieved by a variety of paths. Millions of people have lost weight with bariatric surgery or a medical program but for many the result is temporary and a slow weight gain ensues that returns them to their starting point. This is not our definition of success.
To us, weight loss success means not only reaching your goal weight but staying there. The path that gets you there is usually not the one that will keep you there. Long-term success means changing behaviors that have taken a lifetime to develop. And as anyone who has achieved weight loss success will tell you changing these behaviors takes time and effort.
That is why we have developed this video support series for everyone who wants to maintain the weight they have lost. Every two weeks spend a few minutes watching a video, asking any questions you may have and then, if your doctor approves, attempting the simple challenge until the next video comes out.
In the video series we address and practice the skills that long term weight loss demands. If you are losing weight, these are the skills you will want to learn and practice to reach the level of success we wish for you.

Remember, check with your doctor to make sure this advice is appropriate for you. If you have a pre-existing condition such as heart disease or diabetes, it is especially important to check that this series is okay for you to follow. Review our disclaimer before following this series.

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