Quality over Quantity in the Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet

Quality over Quantity in the Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet Following weight loss surgery, the quantity of food you eat will decrease, but that doesn’t mean the quality of your food will have to suffer. For less than the amount you may currently spend eating a full-calorie diet, you can reduce how much you are eating and drastically improve the quality of the foods you eat.

Improving Food Quality after Weight Loss Surgery

Food choices are generally crafted around a collection of environmental and personal factors, including taste preference, cost and ease of access. For many people, a hamburger and fries are a lot easier to find and are even more affordable than a healthier meal. Foods like these are low-quality but high in calories.

After weight loss surgery, your ability to become full on fewer calories can give you the space to find higher quality and healthier foods without making any changes to your budget or dining practices.

Here are a few ways to improve the quality of your diet after bariatric surgery:

  • Focus on protein: Find lean protein sources like white meat chicken, lean-cut pork or fish. Explore different protein options and prepare them for yourself.
  • Buy organic: Organic fruits and vegetables often have more flavor than their conventional counterparts.
  • Plan ahead: Knowing what you will have for your next meal can help you stay away from drive-thru lanes. Bring lunch with you to work and have healthy snacks at hand so you don’t find yourself in need of something quick.
  • Try different cooking methods: Try cooking with healthy oils instead of butter and sautéing instead of frying. Add different herbs and spices to your food to improve the taste of your produce and protein.

It is easy to let cost and ease of access dominate your food choices, but after weight loss surgery, you’ll want to change the way you approach food. Reduced hunger leads to reduced calorie consumption—which ultimately leads to weight loss. Weight loss surgery presents you with the opportunity to make significant changes to your diet. This includes altering the types of foods you eat, as well as how much you are eating.

Use this opportunity to fundamentally improve the quality of your diet. You may quickly discover new favorite foods that were not regular parts of your diet before.

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