Control Your Portions with 10 Simple Tricks

Portions served up in restaurants and fast food stops across the country have grown drastically over the past few decades, and Americans’ waistlines have done the same. Portion control, however, continues to be a key factor in weight loss which is often ignored. Here are ten tips that can help those interested in losing weight significantly decrease portion sizes and calorie intake:

  1. Buy smaller dishes. Research has shown that larger plates, bowls and glasses encourage larger portions, and many modern dishes are made at three or four times the size of a standard serving.
  2. Measure your food. Invest in a high-quality, easy to wash set of measuring cups, and make certain you’re eating the right amount for meals at home.
  3. Take less than you want. Once food is on your plate, it’s easy to ignore how much is there, and to simply eat all of it.
  4. Don’t serve food at the table. You will be less likely to dish out seconds for yourself, and, if you decide you need more, you will at least have to walk to get to it.
  5. Order all condiments on the side. It is much easier to see how much dressing, cream, or sugar you are consuming when it comes in a separate container.
  6. Order less. Try to order a kid-sized or side portion when you go out to eat, or offer to share an entree with a friend. Most serving at restaurants are at least double what you need, and they’re more calorie-dense than a home-cooked meal.
  7. Eat slowly. This can help you to stop eating when you are actually full.
  8. Don’t clean your plate. Make it a goal to always leave a bit of food on your plate, to ensure you always eat a little less than you dished out.
  9. Make only the amount of food that you need. You will be less likely to get that second serving of pasta if you have to wait for it to boil.
  10. Cook for yourself. Make as much as possible from scratch, at home, so you can see exactly how many calories are going into your food.

These factors are all very important to weight loss, and can make a huge difference, whether you are just trying to lose a few pounds for summer, or are considering bariatric surgery in Michigan.


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  • Patty says:

    buying smaller dishes was key after my weight loss surgery.(I bought colorful dishes) I feel like I’m eating a whole plate of food when its really on a saucer of food.

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