At the Market after Weight Loss Surgery

At the Market after Weight Loss Surgery After weight loss surgery, get connected with the food you eat by shopping at your local farmer’s market.

Where does your food come from? For a lot of people this is a challenging question to answer. Many immediately think of their food store or a local restaurant, but where did the food come from before that? Surely your local grocery store doesn’t have a farm in the stock room where they are growing fresh produce to stock their shelves.

This day and age, it is pretty easy to become disconnected from where our food is actually coming from. Once upon a time food was grown by the hand that ate it. People tended to their own produce and butchered their own meat, or at least purchased it directly from the source that did. Now, the average plate of food is comprised of items from five different countries. The ingredients that go into most meals travel a combined 1,500 miles on average before being consumed. This goes for produce, meat and processed ingredients alike.

After weight loss surgery, your diet will go through a multitude of changes. Transitioning the way you approach food will help during this process. Becoming more aware of each item you eat by re-connecting with the source of the food is a great way to initiate changes in your diet.

You can find local food at a farmers market near you, like at:

  • The Downtown Saginaw Farmers Market: This market features fresh, locally grown produce as well as plants, flower bouquets, syrups, honeys and more. The market is open throughout the summer and into the fall from 10AM to 3PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM.
  • The Depot Town Farmers Market in Ypsilanti: This market meets on the Freighthouse Market Plaza in Historic Depot Town, in between Forest and Cross Street on Saturdays from 9AM to 1 PM. This market is in its 7th year and is a great resource for produce, fresh ingredients and even crafts.

Buying foods at the farmers market comes with more benefits than a personalized experience. Produce at the market is often cheaper than you can buy it for at the store, and most often the produce is fresher, too.

Try transitioning your shopping habits to incorporate a weekly trip to the farmer’s market nearest you. This can help you add more produce into your weekly meal plan and encourage your entire family to eat healthier as you focus on your own weight loss goals after weight loss surgery.


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